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david da costa vignette

David DA COSTA (1928), peintre brésilien

Vente d'une lithographie

EMILE DUMAY portrait 5

Emile DUMAY (1961), peintre haïtien

Vente de plusieurs acryls sur toile


Armand GESNER (1936-2008)

Gesner Armand was born on June 11, 1936 in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.

In 1956 he joined the Centre d’Art where he began with watercolors. He lived and studied in Mexico from 1958 until the end of 1959, returning to Haiti to do a solo show at the Centre d’Art in December of that year. The next year he was awarded a scholarship by the French goverment and lived in Paris until 1962.

Vente d'un tableau (Cf.image)


MARICELA (1970), peintre née à Mexico City

Vente de plusieurs tableaux à l'huile


"I studied in the School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeranlda. In Dublin, Ireland, I studied in Dun Laugher Institute of Art Design and Technology and in Bally Fermont Segnior College.

Later I travelled to Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and started a family and the new life."



Peintre haïtien

Vente d'un tableau (Cf. image)


Kenneth Abendana Spencer (1929 - 2005)

Peintre de la Jamaïque

Vente de deux tableaux 

Spencer had talent as a painter of scenes of Jamaican life. Most of his style and technical aspects of his painting he picked up upon his travels across Europe. His artistic education, such as it was, consisted of frequent visits to museums and art galleries where he picked up his technique.

His work consisted of figurative canvasses, seascapes, landscaped, and scenes of Jamaican life.