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Menshikov Sergei

Femme au Lever (1997)
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Huile sur toile signée au dos et datée de 1997

78 cm x 95 cm

En parfait état

Cadre offert (simple baguette blanche)

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menshikov dame rouge signature

exposition sergei menshikov

Sergei Menshikov

The work of Sergei Menshikov is so diverse that it can hardly be called just a painter. The variety of genres of fine art in the artist’s work speaks about the universality of the author.

Monumental painting. The exhibition presents sketches and photographs of the murals of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Khanty-Mansiysk. The artist also painted the church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos in Tatarsk (NSO), painting of the chapel in the rest house "Bethlehem" in the village of Mochishche (NSO).

Easel painting. Painting the author considers his main occupation. His existence in painting perceives as the possibility of infinite learning: "When I write a picture, I do not expect a spectator reaction, positive or negative. This process is more like creating an environment around you. "

Cityscapes, nature, still lifes, subject works, plein air sketches - S. Menshikov has a special approach to any genre. The style found by the artist is honed for years. Painting is thin, delicate, light, but textured, static, but energetic, forcing any viewer to immerse himself in the world of the picture and join the place, action and time. And time in his paintings is felt somehow in a special way - it’s slow, poetic.

Graphics, book graphics. Etchings, abstract compositions, sketches and sketches of people, interior sketches - at this exhibition the artist is ready to share all the facets of his talent.

His work, connected with book graphics, is diverse. The artist illustrated Russian folk tales, fairy tales of foreign authors, children’s scientific and cognitive literature, as well as fiction of Soviet and foreign authors. Some of the created works were printed by various book publishing houses, some of the works suffered the fate of "works on the table." Presented at the exhibition, the originals of illustrations are made in a variety of stylistics. The author considers the search for stylistics as one of the most important tasks when working on book graphics. Complex technical methods of watercolor painting, ink and original compositions reflect the author’s high professionalism and sincere enthusiasm for the process.

The work of Sergei Menshikov is very recognizable. Someone likes to be clear, someone prefers a sophisticated aesthetic approach, but Sergei Menshikov falls into the mood of both. And that’s why he is loved by so many different people.